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“Hi welcome to Your Ability Site. If you are looking for equipment or clothing items to enable you to live life as fully and as comfortable as possible I hope you will find some ideas and equipment here at this site.”

A Memorable Year 2013 (9th Sept)

For some time I had been struggling with a swollen right foot. I had had a similar problem in 2009 with my left foot, a complication of Diabetes called Charcot Foot

This time my right foot was hiding something that would become infinitely more dangerous, Sepsis.

I remember feeling pretty poorly on the evening of Sept 7th, shivering uncontrollably, feeling sick generally. Apparently this was toxic shock.

I woke up in hospital to be told by a Consultant that I was very ill, my foot had been operated on and a lot of poison removed, the skill of the Surgeon at this point had saved my life but in order to get on top of the sepsis raging through my body the right leg below the knee needed to be removed, and quickly.

It wasn’t much of a choice really. I can remember being wheeled into the operating theater with the powerful lights passing above me wondering if that was going to be the last thing I saw on earth.

You’ve probably guessed I got to live.


l always felt that all of us with disabilities want to achieve the best out of life and have the opportunity to live as full a life as possible.

Sometimes that boils down to knowing what is available in the way of equipment and clothing to make life that bit fuller and more comfortable.


Put simply it is to try to source the best available products to enable ability.

Tell me about your story and the products you’ve come across that helped you on your journey, as a community we have a great deal of collective experience and knowledge, by all means share.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Steve Sharp

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