Showering – “Be Safe Out There”

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You can do a lot of things in a shower.

If you have no  leg or even legs due to  amputation, this once sensual and fun place becomes somewhat limited to actually just having a wash.

It is one of life’s simple pleasures though, having a shower, but even for able bodied people the bathroom and having a shower can be dangerous places. The design of the shower cubicle is so important from the point of view as to how you will be able to get in and out. Many of us will need to use a wheelchair to access the bathroom and it requires a considerable amount of effort to transfer from the wheelchair and into a shower.

There must be a firm base of a good non-slip mat to place a foot if you have one, and most amputees will need a seat of some kind for the majority of the showering process. I’ve found the suction grip rails to be a very good help for support when I do have to  stand up in the shower, these I discovered the hard way after one morning when I slipped in the shower trying to balance without holding on to anything, not nice, and never to be repeated.!

I have two shower seats. One fixed shaped metal one that stays in my shower at home permanantly and another fold up one for staying in hotels or on holidays. It doesn’t always work, sometimes it’s not possible to use in some showers, even though I do my best to find out what the bathrooms and showers are like when I’m going away. So sometimes the best I can do is a stand up flannel wash.

I bought my fold up shower seat shortly after my amputation and it has been a very useful item to have, is still in good condition and I feel safe on it. It takes up little room when folded up, is sturdy (up to 21 st) and has a concave seat with drain holes in it and moulded handles in the seat itself. It is the first thing I pack into the car when going away and I’d be scuppered without it for washing ot just being refreshed sometimes. They cost around £30 but the best thing I’ve bought.

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