Stump socks – “Don’t sweat it !” (A Review)

One of the biggest issues all us of wearing a prosthetic have to deal with is perspiration or sweating.

It isn’t a natural environment to place your leg or arm into a manufactured artificial device which is close-fitting, does not allow for air circulation around your skin, and retains body heat. The human body produces a large amount of water through our skin in order to keep us at a temperature tolerable to us in all conditions possible. The danger to us as amputees is that as we get hotter the environment around our stump can become an ideal climate for bacteria and as our stumps become wetter they will move causing rub points and rashes.

I would like to sing the praises in favour of some simple aids here, a bit old-fashioned, but effective at relieving a lot of the problems associated with overheating of stumps. Cotton Stump Socks These little beauties will soak up the moisture leaving your stump in a relatively good place. At the end of wearing you will be able to wring them out but it’s advisable to have a few spare pairs so you can wash and rotate for clean dry ones regularly. Hot wash to deal with any bacteria and your stump will stay relatively healthy.

They form a comfortable barrier between your skin and the prosthetic, and as your stump changes shape, larger or smaller, you can easily add more socks to create a snug fit. If you find you need to be putting three layers of socks on to get a snug fit then it’s time to go back to your prosthetic care team for a re-fit of your leg.

They are inexpensive and reasonably priced and available from places like Amazon prosthetic stump socks , having a good supply makes the process of looking after your stump in this area easy. There is a wide range of sizes available and lengths available for the correct size..

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